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Max Payne 1 Download Games Free For Pc

Max Payne 1 : Download Games Totally free For Computer
Max Payne 1:  
Voiced by James McCaffrey is a Fugitive DEA agent & Former NYPD Detective Whose Wife Michelle & Newborn Daughter have been killed in Connection with The Valkyr Drug case. Max then Goes Undercover in the mob, & At some point Becomes a a single_man_army vigilante waging a individual war on Crime & in distinct, Those Criminals Responsible for His Family's Death. Max Ends up killing Hundreds of Gangsters & conspiracy enforcers even though on the run from the police determined on stopping his vendetta against all those Responsible for his family's death. He uses metaphors & wordplay to Describe the globe around Him within His inner Monologues, which often Contradict His External Responses to Characters he Speaks with. The very first Game presents the story as Retold by Max from his point of view.
Mona Sax voiced by Julia Murney: The twin Sister of Lisa Punchinello & a contract killer, Mona is the femme fatale of the game. She has a grudge against her sister Lisa's abusive husband, Mafia boss Angelo Punchinello, whom she Desires to kill. Following Puchinello is killed, she sides with Nicole Horne who Hires her to kill Max. Obtaining Herself unable to do so, she is shot in the head by Horne's Henchmen & Collapses into an Elevator. She Reappears in the sequel as a playable character.
Max Payne1 has nothing at all to shed. His wife & son are gone, killed by Valkyr junkies. His DEA companion Alex is gone, killed by forces unknown, & Max is Blamed for Alex's death. The mob is out to get him. The police is out to get him. The only way out is with guns blazing...
Max Payne is a 3rd person action Sooter with a twist. Rather of just Operating about & Shoot Like Lara Croft, Max has a trick referred to as Bullet-Time tm. Very first observed in The Matrix film, Bullet-Time slows the action WAY DOWN so you can shoot The Undesirable Guys full of Holes ahead of They take 3 Actions. But your Quantity of Bullet time is Limited. 
Execute Rolls & Leaps Like Those you see in action motion pictures & perform bullet-time Runs or shot-dodging. Take on all Comers Armed anywhere from Baseball Bats to Ingram sub-machine guns, Even Grenades & Molotov Cocktails. Salvage ammo, weapons, & painkillers from this Hellhole Version of New York to maintain your fighting edge. See plot Develop in graphic novel-style panels. Will Max Payne see His Revenge 
Deputy Chief Jim Bravura voiced By Peter Appel: A High-ranking NYPD officer who is pursuing Max for most of the Game & is not Deterred in arresting him, Even though the Television commentators do not see the violence as a Undesirable point Simply because Mobsters are the only victims. At the End he finally arrests Max, but in the Game's Sequel he Becomes Max's boss.
Michelle Payne voiced by Havil& Morris: Functioning for the District attorney’s office, Michelle came across a file that incriminated Horne, which later led to Her murder & the killing of her child by Valkyr junkies sent to Her Property. She Repeatedly seems through the Game in flashback & Nightmare Sequences.

Advisable (medium graphical detail):

700 MHz AMD / Intel Processor (or compatible)
32 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card 
128 MB RAM 

Minimum (minimum graphical detail):
450 MHz AMD / Intel Processor (or compatible)
16 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card 
96 MB RAM 

Max Payne 1 Download Games Free For Pc
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